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Supplemental Insurance

Rising out-of-pocket costs have employees turning to
supplemental insurance and to employers who offer it.

What is Supplemental Insurance?

Supplemental insurance is extra or additional insurance that help you pay for things your standard insurance doesn’t cover. Cash benefits are paid directly to you so you can use the money to help pay for out-of pocket medical costs, lost wages or other unexpected expenses due to illness or injury.

Do I need Supplemental Insurance?

Unexpected accidents and illnesses happen. When they do, it can leave you and your family vulnerable to out-of-pocket expenses that standard insurance does not cover. Supplemental insurance benefits reduce the worry about how you will pay for those expenses.

Supplemental Disability Insurance

For many people, losing just one paycheck can be difficult, but when accident or illness keeps you from working for an extended period of time, difficulty can turn into a disaster. Supplemental disability insurance provides benefits to you if you are totally disabled and unable to work. If you become sick or are injured and are unable to work, you will receive financial help in the form of a set monthly benefit.

Accident & Sickness Insurance

The cost of hospitalization, emergency-room care and outpatient recovery can cost more thatn an average family earns in a month, yet millions of Americans are not prepared to pay for expenses that major medical insurance does not covers. Supplemental Accident & Sickness Insurance helps by giving you specified benefits for hospitalization, emergency room care, recovery income, outpatient surgery and more.

Supplemental Health Insurance

Serious illness can strike a family at any time. While the timing is out of your contro, you can help control how such an illness affects your family financially. When a major illness touches your family, supplemental health insurance helps you pay for some of the costs associated with recovery.

Life Insurance

Supplemental Life Insurance provides cash that helps take care of your family when you’re not here to do it yourself.

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