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Are you overpaying for your insurance? Let’s find out! It’s easy. It’s Fast and We Guarantee the Most Affordable Rates in California. Every year. Every time! 

Health Insurance

Get a Plan That’s Customized for your Needs & Budget. Affordable options are available for both Individual and Groups.

General Liability

With over a decade of experience serving thousands of California contractors, we will Save you Time and Money with your General Liability Insurance.

Workers Comp

Discover the Most Affordable Workers Comp Options available in California. Plus, learn about the NEW ContractorGUARD which is Only Available through The Contractors Resource Center and is designed to Lower your Workers Comp Insurance Costs while also improving Employee Benefits.

Designed for Contractors

More Insurance Services


Get Your Bond Quote Today. It’s Fast, Free, and we always Guarantee the Most Affordable Bond Rates in California. Need your contractor bond filed right away? We can also save you the time and we will electronically notify the Contractor State License Board directly.

Life Insurance

With an adequate amount of life insurance in place, you will help meet the future needs of those you love—whether those needs include funding college educations, maintaining or completing mortgage payments, or providing for the wedding your child’s always imagined.


With Colonial Life’s voluntary benefits, you can rest assured that you’ll have the financial protection and personal service you need during life’s most challenging moments. When unexpected accidents and illnesses happen, voluntary benefits help pay for those expenses.

Disability Insurance

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset. Disability income insurance protects your most valuable asset-your ability to earn an income. You pay a periodic premium and, in exchange, if you are disabled and cannot work, the insurance company promises to pay you a predetermined benefit amount.

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