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CSLB Advertising Guidelines For Calfornia Contractors

It’s a sad but growing trend. California contractors not complying with the proper advertising guidelines from the CSLB are getting fined and we are hearing about these fines from some of our clients.

As a service to our clients and to those interested in reading the guidelines and ensuring they stay compliant, we have provided the guidelines below directly from the CSLB website.


The methods to advertise a business can take many forms: newspapers and radio, business cards, lettering on a vehicle, brochures, directories like the yellow pages, a contract proposal, and any website or post that solicits business on the Internet.

Put your license number on all advertisements. Licensed contractors must include their license number in all construction contracts, subcontracts, and calls for bid, and all forms of advertising.
The civil penalty for not complying with this requirement is between $100 and $1,000 for a first offense.

Advertising and business vehicles
C-36 Plumbing, C-45 Sign, and C-57 Well Drilling contractors must display their business name and address and license number on each side of every commercially-registered vehicle in letters at least 1 ½ inches high. All other contractors must display their business name and contractor
license number on each of their commercially-registered vehicles in a clearly visible location in print type of at least 72-point font or letters at least ¾ of an inch high and wide.

Asbestos removal contractors In addition to meeting all other relevant advertising guidelines, ads
soliciting asbestos removal must include your contractor license number, the name you are certified and registered under, and the California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Health and Safety (DOSH/Cal-OSHA) certification and registration numbers for anyone doing asbestos work.
Advertise within your license classification

You cannot advertise for construction work outside of areas for which you are licensed. For example, a C-29 Masonry contractor cannot advertise for electrical work, unless he or she also holds a C-10 Electrical contractor license. (Licensed “A” General Engineering and “B” General Building contractors can advertise as general contractors.)

Don’t advertise about bonding
The law prevents you from noting in your advertising or any presentation to the public that you are bonded. Such a statement could lead a consumer to believe that bonding offers a higher level of protection than might be the case.

Fast Facts 
Avoid false advertising.  It is a misdemeanor to use false, misleading, or deceptive advertising to
induce clients to enter into improvement contracts if they might be misled or injured. It also is illegal to include in an ad for home or other improvements any false, deceptive, or misleading claims.

More info on CSLB Advertising Guidelines at CLICKHERE

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